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At it’s most potent and pessimistic, WHITE/OTHER suggests that the race conversation, no matter how much we scream and shout, is always going to be undermined by white noise. But by merely existing, the show challenges that very notion, demanding to be heard. A powerfully contradictory message that will get under your skin.” – Theatrescenes

Alice is on a journey of self undiscovery. A consummate glasshouse stone-thrower, she is at pains to correct her unthinking prejudices about race – and herself. WHITE/OTHER is an expression of identity. It blows apart the re-presentation of Asianness and attempts to fix it back together in a sticky, overflowing mess.

I am a perpetual foreigner
too successful
too ambitious
too different

but you will celebrate
my desire to assimilate
conform to your
middle class respectability
because I can help you
steal the world

A wildly theatrical show that combines dance and imagery with stream-of-subconsciousness prosing lovingly crafted to explode in your face holes.

cutmypic whiteother


Writer and Performer: Alice Canton
Director: Holly Chappell and Thomas Eason
Sound Design: Te Aihe Butler
Set Design: Christine Urquhart
Lighting Design: Ruby Reihana-Wilson
AV Design: Poppy Serano
AV Assistant: Owen McCarthy
Writing Mentor: Alice Te Punga Sommerville

Producer: Julie Zhu
Community Engagement: Sophie Dowson


The Basement Theatre, Auckland
April 13-21, 2016


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Creative New Zealand

WHITE/OTHER makes us notice the crooked room we live in, and question our complicity and alignment with its construction – no easy task, and one that is adeptly accomplished. Though it will take more than seeing the crooked room for us to love our crooked neighbours with our crooked hearts, seeing it is an essential first step. Take it.“- Tearaway Magazine