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This is f**king awesome!”- Macklemore, 2012

THRIFTSHOP is a format born out of the challenges that arise from travelling theatre shows. No matter how small, the act of touring always causes logistical and budgetary nightmares.

THRIFTSHOP creates opportunity for improvisers to recognize local community as a resource to help solve these problems, and in turn give something back.

Performers head to a local opportunity shop to source costume and props. Alongside the volunteers, shoppers, and donors, we collect material: clothing; books; bric-a-brac. These items and experiences will serve as provocations in the workshop to generate character and narrative.

Performers are encouraged to discover an instinctive response to an external stimulus through play and game. We build voice, physicality and intention from costume, and work with the nuance and detail of the objects to create character.

Finally, we weave characters together to create an improvised narrative. Performers are given tools to create theatrical transitions in order to build a framework to hold the stories, developing a collective language that can be used to improvise a show.

At the end of the night, the audience are invited to purchase any items from the show. Proceeds and a donation from the ticket sales are donated back to the organisation.

THRIFTSHOP aims to encourage artists to engage and give back to their community. It promotes the use of a shared community resource, and the acknowledgment and promotion of that resource through art.


Creator and Director: Alice Canton

Original Cast:
Hamish Parkinson
Linda Calgaro
April Seymor
Katherine Weaver
Rik Brown


New Zealand Improvisation Festival
BATS Theatre, 2013

Proceeds from this season went to support the Animal Protection Society, Wellington (operated by Black Sheep Animal Sanctuary Otaki).


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